Bookkeeper Business Launch Review – Our Top Bookkeeping Course Pick

Bookkeeper Business Launch review


With the dozens of bookkeeping courses available, it can be overwhelming to narrow down the options. This Bookkeeper Business Launch review sets out to provide the details about this course. It will show you how it works and the pros and cons of the program.

By the time you finish this Bookkeeper Business Launch review, you will be able to determine if it is the program that will help you to achieve your goal of becoming a competent bookkeeper.

Why You Should Consider Bookkeeping


No matter how much technology evolves, bookkeeping is a profession that will always be necessary. Software and other forms of technology are not infallible. Having a skilled bookkeeper to review the records helps to ensure that a company’s numbers are without flaws is essential for a successful business.

Before delving into our detailed Bookkeeper Business Launch review, learning more about a bookkeeping career path can help you to decide if it is the best option for you. Here you will learn more about what a bookkeeper does and why it is a viable career.

Having strong bookkeeping knowledge is an invaluable skill. Companies of all sizes will always need people who can balance their books and aid them in keeping their business finances in check.

The Bookkeeper Business Launch program puts emphasis on starting your own bookkeeping business. Because of this, you have considerable flexibility regarding how you choose to structure your career.

The following are common benefits that come with being a skilled bookkeeper:

  • You can choose to work with companies of all sizes and designations
  • There is a lot of flexibility regarding income potential
  • Surveys show that bookkeepers are largely satisfied with their career choice
  • The knowledge you gain as a bookkeeper can also help you to better maintain your personal finances
  • There are careers for bookkeepers in almost every field, allowing you to work in an industry that interests you
  • Overall, the training takes less time than many other fields, allowing you to start your career faster

Owning a bookkeeping business has several advantages, including:

  • About three times higher paying than bookkeepers working for a company
  • You call all of the shots because you are the person in charge of your business
  • When you own a business, you are constantly learning as new situations arise
  • There is great flexibility regarding where and when you work so that you are in charge of your lifestyle
  • Business ownership gives you the freedom to take your company in the direction that best meets your goals

When you own a bookkeeping business, you can choose to work from home, eliminating the need to commute to an office every day. However, if you prefer to separate your work and home lives, you can opt to rent office space too. This is a level of flexibility that you do not get when you work a traditional job.

What Does a Bookkeeper Do?

A bookkeeper can do numerous things once they have the right training and education.

The following are common duties you can perform as a bookkeeper:

  • Monitoring and tagging fixed assets
  • Maintaining and purchasing the necessary bookkeeping tools
  • Paying the client’s bills as they come in
  • Sending out customer invoices
  • Ensuring prompt collection of receivables
  • For every bank account, conducting monthly reconciliations
  • Ensuring the petty cash fund is properly maintained
  • Assisting the company’s accountant in retrieving the proper documents
  • Providing clients with financial statement analyses as necessary
  • Chart of accounts maintenance
  • Monitoring debt levels
  • Helping clients with tax-related matters
  • Making bank deposits
  • Ensuring that all accounts are financially accurate
  • Recording cash receipts
  • Issuing the appropriate financial statements
  • Assisting those performing annual audits
  • Making sure that the accounting filing system is orderly and accurate
  • Maintaining the company’s annual budget
  • Making sure that all reporting is in compliance with federal, state and local requirements
  • Following all financial procedures and policies the company has
  • Reporting any issues or discrepancies to management
  • Promptly and accurately processing payroll

Since this program allows you to start your own bookkeeping business, you can opt to specialize in one area of bookkeeping, such as taxes, or you can be a generalist and offer a wide array of services. This ensures that you have control over your duties and how you serve your clients.

What is Bookkeeper Business Launch?

what is the course?

In this section of our Bookkeeper Business Launch review, you will get the gist about what the Bookkeeper Business Launch bookkeeping program has to offer. This part provides the basics so that you can start comparing Bookkeeper Business Launch to the others the market. This will allow you to see why it may be the best choice for learning how to become a skilled bookkeeper.

What sets Bookkeeper Business Launch apart from many similar courses is that you learn all of the necessary bookkeeping skills and how to create your own bookkeeping business. Essentially, you’re learning two different skill sets with a single program.

In addition to all of the units and modules that you will study, the Bookkeeper Business Launch bookkeeping program also supplies you with the following:

  • Access to the program’s student community where you can interact with others who are working on the program
  • Bookkeeping professionals are available for one-on-one advice and support
  • Access to the program’s resource library which contains a variety of documents and information that can aid you in starting your bookkeeping business
  • The Action Guide and Profit Maximizers
  • Weekly support calls that you can use to get answers to your questions about the program and starting your bookkeeping business
  • A Student Success Team that is always available to answer your emails to provide you with clarification and other information
  • A professional lawyer who is available to help you start your bookkeeping business by offering advice
  • When there are updates to the program, you have unlimited access to them

You can see that the Bookkeeper Business Launch bookkeeping program is rich in supplements, tools and resources in addition to the education that you receive. It provides you with things that you can use during all phases of your career so that you can continue to build upon your knowledge and success as a bookkeeper who owns his or her own business in this industry.

Who Created Bookkeeper Business Launch?

Ben Robinson

This part of our Bookkeeper Business Launch review will explore Ben Robinson, the creator of the Bookkeeper Business Launch course. He has an extensive background in finance, as he was a certified public accountant. Robinson approached his career by owning his own business in this field. This means that he knows what it takes to be successful in finance and operate your own business.

Robinson has been helping people to become skilled bookkeepers since 2001. His goal was to teach them bookkeeping skills and help them to launch their own business. Since he started doing this, he has aided over 3,000 people in pursuing their goal.

In 2015, Robinson launched Bookkeeper Business Launch. His goal in creating this program was to help people to plan and execute their own business in the bookkeeping industry. By the time you finish this Bookkeeping Business Launch review, you will know if this program meets its intended purpose.

What Does Bookkeeper Business Launch Include?

inside the course

In this section of our Bookkeeper Business Launch review we will dive into an in-depth look at what is provided in the Bookkeeper Business Launch course. Here you will see why the Bookkeeper Business Launch program may be superior to the other courses that you are considering for bookkeeper training.

This bookkeeper program is broken down into different sections. The setup of this program makes it easy to go through each one individually.


This part of the Bookkeeper Business Launch bookkeeper program focuses on the skills that you need to be a competent bookkeeper.


This is the first unit of the Bookkeeper Business Launch program. The “Start Here” section is first. Here you are introduced to a recommended study plan, orientation, some study hacks, student success tips, a tour of the program and information on what it is like to be a bookkeeper in today’s world.

The next module in this unit is Bookkeeping Basics:

  • Liabilities, equity and assets
  • Debits and credits with accounts
  • Accounting equation
  • Accounting principles
  • Chart of accounts, ledger and trial balance

The third module is Financial Statements, Ledgers and Journals:

  • Financial statement’s purpose
  • Income statements
  • Bookkeeping cycle
  • Ledger posting and the journal
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow statements
  • Special journals
  • Bank security
  • Subsidiary ledgers
  • Bases of accounting
  • Repetitive transactions
  • Cash journal
  • Receipts and payment methods associated with bank accounts

The final module in this unit is Law and Ethics:

  • Legislation and laws a bookkeeper needs to know
  • Business entities
  • Professional ethics
  • The basic elements of a contract
  • Uniform commercial code


  • Introduction to this section
  • Setting up QuickBooks


  • Accounts receivable
  • Inventory
  • Other liabilities
  • Cash receipts
  • Inventory
  • Cash disbursements
  • Other assets
  • Accounts payable
  • Reconciliations and bank feeds
  • Equity
  • Fixed assets


  • Proof
  • Package
  • Troubleshooting
  • Prettify
  • Present


  • The process of cleaning up (planning and executing this process)


This bookkeeper course element looks at getting clients and how to maintain them.

Get Ready to Earn

  • The basics of marketing
  • Introduction to owning your own bookkeeping business

Yakkity Yak

  • Starting a conversation with your clients
  • Tips and information about how to initiate and execute the conversation with potential bookkeeping clients


  • Learn how to network
  • More information about mingling and mixing with potential bookkeeping clients

Irresistible Selling Statement

  • Introduction to the irresistible selling statement
  • How to develop your own bookkeeper irresistible selling statement

Specialized Groups

  • Identifying specialized groups
  • How to initiate the conversation with these groups about why you are the best bookkeeper for the job

Consult to Close

  • The elements of a bookkeeper consultation
  • Creating an engagement letter and proposal
  • Pricing your bookkeeper services and reviewing the books


In this bookkeeper program area, you get access to a variety of tools and resources. You also learn how to use them properly.


  • Developing the framework
  • Ensuring proper time management

Your Money

  • The facts about money related to a bookkeeper
  • Developing your strategy

Processes and Checklists

  • Information about important checklists and processes a bookkeeper needs to know


  • Essential templates you need for your work

Tools and Tech

  • Tools and technology that are helpful for your work

Clients – Advanced

Once you get to this part of this bookkeeper program, the focus is on more advanced techniques to secure and maintain your clients.

Get Your Website

  • Setting up your bookkeeper website
  • Customizing it to fit your business

Prospect Follow-Up System

  • Learn how to follow up
  • Execute your follow-up strategy

Email Outreach

  • How to use email outreach
  • Implementing this method

Referral Marketing

  • Techniques to ensure that your referral marketing method is effective
  • Resources you can use for referral marketing


  • The basics of starting an account and using this website
  • Marketing using Linkedin


  • Choosing your niche
  • Avatars
  • Wrapping up with learning about marketing your bookkeeper business

Additional Resources

This bookkeeper program has additional resources that are available to you that you can use as you launch your bookkeeper career. These include:

  • My Notes
  • A list of resources that you should read to increase your bookkeeper skills and knowledge
  • Information about launching your business
  • Q&A recordings

All of the modules have their own tests and quizzes. Use these to assess your knowledge to determine if you adequately maintained and understood everything that you have learned. If there are still areas that you are unclear about, you can go back and review the information again. You will also find examples that you can use to apply what you have learned to real-life situations a bookkeeper can face on the job.

This program puts a lot of emphasis on QuickBooks (see the best QuickBooks training) since this is the program that most bookkeepers use to complete their work for their clients. As you progress through the program, you will be using this software to complete some assignments and other work.

Initially, you will work on focusing on the skills that bookkeepers use to complete their daily tasks. As you develop the fundamentals, this program introduces you to more advanced techniques. Throughout the program, there are some projects to complete that allow you to prove that you understand what you have learned in addition to the quizzes and tests.

It is important to do each of the sections in order. This is because each unit builds upon the last. So, the knowledge you gained from one unit will ensure that you understand the information presented in the units that follow.

This section of our Bookkeeper Business Launch review was long and comprehensive. However, it’s important that you read it through a few times so that you can see how much more in-depth this course is compared to similar programs.

What Are the Costs Associated with Bookkeeper Business Launch?

cost of bookkeeper business launchIt is important to know how much the Bookkeeper Business Launch program costs so that you can determine if it will fit into your education budget. Here we explore the pricing so that you can make plans on how you will pay for the program.

There is only one option to pay for this program:

The cost of this bookkeeping course is $2,999.00.

As you can see from this section of our Bookkeeper Business Launch review, this program is considerably less expensive compared to a traditional university or college. This ensures that you acquire all of the necessary skills and knowledge at a cost that is easier to handle.

How Much Money Do Bookkeepers Earn?

This part of our Bookkeeper Business Launch review explores the possible income a skilled bookkeeper can make. Here you will see if being a bookkeeper with your own business will afford you the lifestyle that you want to work towards.

Once you complete the program, you have the bookkeeping skills necessary to get started in the field. Since you can start your own bookkeeping business, you have a lot of flexibility regarding how much you charge your clients.

Looking at the averages that bookkeeping professionals earn in the United States can give you an idea about your earning potential. Naturally, as you increase your client load and gain experience as a bookkeeper, you can often increase your rates and earn more money.

The average annual work-from-home bookkeeper salary in the US is $59,683.00 at the time we completed this Bookkeeper Business Launch review. There was a range provided with this calculation and it was approximately $27,000.00 to $75,000.00 annually. It is possible to exceed six figures annually as a bookkeeper. The high end of the reported annual earnings for bookkeepers is $151,000.00.

Bookkeeping professionals who own their own business may charge upwards of $60.00 per hour or more for their services. You will need to determine how much money you need to earn to live comfortably to see what your starting hourly rates should be.

Bookkeeper Business Launch Review Conclusion

Now that you have gathered all of the information provided in our Bookkeeper Business Launch review, it’s time to make your decision. You know what the program will teach you and the career potential that comes with being a bookkeeper.

Consider your goals and what you want out of a career. Compare this to the information in our Bookkeeper Business Launch review. This will make it easier to break everything down so that you can determine if this course is the one that will allow you to reach your goals.