Bookkeeping And QuickBooks Bundle – Learn Both Skills At The Same Time

Bookkeeping And QuickBooks BundleToday’s bookkeeping jobs often require two sets of skills. You need to be a competent bookkeeper and be able to navigate QuickBooks efficiently. This combination of knowledge ensures that you know what it takes to take care of the financial health of a company.

To learn both of these skills, it is ideal to pursue a course that puts emphasis on both. The Bookkeeping and QuickBooks Bundle is a bookkeeping course that shows you all of the fundamentals of bookkeeping while you simultaneously learn how to work within the QuickBooks software. Exploring the information about this course can help you to determine if it meets your needs.

The Daily Life of a Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers play a vital role in making sure that a company fully understands their financial status. They also carry out a variety of functions related to the financial aspect of a company to take some of the work off of the shoulders of the business owners. Common responsibilities of bookkeepers include:

  • Recording the company’s day-to-day statements and transactions associated with their finances
  • Keeping the books updated and accurate
  • Assisting with a company’s taxes
  • Handling payroll and ensuring that it is delivered on time
  • Processing all accounts payable and receivable
  • Ensuring accuracy with all money matters for a company
  • Looking at the posting process and performing checks as necessary
  • Maintaining a company’s records, entering the appropriate data and creating and maintaining a company’s financial statements

The Bookkeeping and QuickBooks Bundle is a strong course to help you to develop the skills that you need to be a professional bookkeeper. Upon completion, you will be able to carry out all of the tasks that a bookkeeper does to help businesses of all sizes to maintain and evaluate their financial wellness.

What is the Bookkeeping and QuickBooks Bundle?

bookkeeping bundle

This course teaches you how to be a bookkeeper and how to use the QuickBooks software. It is designed for aspiring bookkeepers who have not worked in the field. However, you can also use this course as a refresher for your bookkeeping skills. The course can also help current bookkeepers to learn how to use QuickBooks if their previous work experience was with a different software program.

With every lesson, you learn about the bookkeeping concept being presented, what it is and why it is important. At the same time, you also learn how to perform the action using QuickBooks software. Once you finish the course, you will understand the functions of QuickBooks and how to use them to carry out all of your bookkeeping duties.

This course uses videos to deliver all of the lessons and content. The video is on demand and there are about four hours of content to complete. Overall, you can complete this course in under two months by dedicating about five hours a week to working through the units.

While videos are the primary learning tools, you also get access to five downloadable resources. You can save these on your computer or device and refer to them as you complete the units to reinforce what you are learning.

As you go through the course, you will learn the following:

  • How to work with customers, loans, customers, inventory, financial statements and more
  • All of the bookkeeping principles and fundamentals necessary to work in this field
  • How to use QuickBooks, and you will develop an understanding about why you are performing specific functions so that you can relate them to being a bookkeeper in the real world

Who Instructs This Course?

The Bookkeeping and QuickBooks Bundle is taught by a company called At My Desk Training AM. This training company specializes in creating courses and materials that are easy to follow on a variety of topics.

The owner of the training company has a background in helping small businesses with a variety of compliance, financial and technology needs. They are a former accountant and controller. This company is known for their software training especially QuickBooks training.

A Comprehensive Look at the Bookkeeping and QuickBooks Bundle

Bookkeeping and QuickBooks

This section will show you all of the courses within the Bookkeeping and QuickBooks bundle. Here you can evaluate what you will learn to make sure that the course provides everything that you need to jumpstart your bookkeeping career.

There are 16 sections in this course. They all have lectures within them that expand upon the content. The design of this course starts you at the very basic bookkeeping concepts and allows you to build upon your skills as you work through each section.

Getting Started

There are four parts to this section of the course. It starts with an introduction to the course that provides a quick overview of what to expect. The second part shows you different accounting and bookkeeping terms so that you can get a grasp of the terminology that you will encounter. This is followed by nine questions to test your understanding of these terms.

The first lesson is included in this section. It introduces you to credit and debits, and the role that bookkeepers play in this financial concept.

Section One

The focus of this section is on financial statements and the ledger. It begins with describing the general ledger, its purpose and what you need to do to keep it maintained. In the second lesson, you learn about financial statements. Explore the different statements, their purpose and how to complete them.

Your first quiz follows these two sections. It consists of six questions and will test how well you understood the information presented in this section.

Section Two

Here you will learn about the accounting cycle and closing entries. You get the details about each of these concepts and their importance for bookkeepers. The videos describe what each of these are and how they contribute to a company’s overall financial profile. There is a seven-question quiz at the end of this section.

Section Three

This section introduces you to working with vendors and accounts payable. You will get the details about what accounts payable is and how to handle it so that your employer is not late on making any payments.

Other elements of this section include:

  • Using QuickBooks to set up the vendors
  • Using this software to pay bills for your employer
  • Inputting all of the bills into QuickBooks
  • A five-question quiz

Section Four

In this section, you learn how to work with the customers of your employer. It also explores accounts receivable and how to ensure that the customers who owe your employer are paying their invoices or bills in a timely manner.

Learn how to use QuickBooks to process billing, create invoices and make note of the bills that customers pay. There is a short three-question quiz at the end of this section.

Section Five

Inventory is the focus of this section. You get an entire video that talks about what inventory is and why it is imperative to maintain accurate numbers. The next lecture within this unit will show you how to use QuickBooks to maintain your inventory for optimal accuracy. This section concludes with a five-question quiz.

Section Six

You will learn about loans in this section. The first part talks about what loans are and when a company might opt to get a loan to ensure that their financial health is strong. Lecture two of this unit shows you how to use QuickBooks to easily track any loans that a company has. At the end there is a four-question quiz.

Section Seven

Here you will learn the facts related to bank reconciliation. This is one of the most important functions that a bookkeeper performs. You explore the concept and how you will use it to ensure accuracy with a company’s bank records. In the second lecture, you get the details about how you can use QuickBooks to simplify the reconciliation process.

Section Eight

The focus of this section is on payroll. It is a relatively short section that only has one lecture video. You will learn about using QuickBooks to process payroll for a company’s employees. In the video, you are taught about manual payroll entries.

Section Nine

Fixed assets and depreciation are the focus of this section. The first video lecture will explain what depreciation is and how and when you will use the associated figures when creating reports and statements for a company. In the second lecture, you use QuickBooks to learn how to simplify working with fixed assets.

Section 10

Section 10 will teach you the fundamentals about petty cash accounts. It tells you what petty cash is and the role that it plays in a business. You also get information about how to track and maintain this account. There are no videos in this section. You get four pages of study materials.

Section 11

Business entities is the focus of this section. There are no video lectures. Instead, you get access to eight pages of study materials. These fully cover what business entities are and the intricacies that you need to know about to work with them.

Section 12

In this section, you get a chance to refresh your math skills. The primary purpose is to teach you how to perform basic math calculations quickly so that you can be sure that your numbers are accurate.

Section 13

This is the longest section of this course. It is comprised of six lectures that are delivered via video and pages of study materials. The information is focused on bookkeeping transactions in the real world.

You will learn about the following in this section:

  • An introduction to the accounting package (video)
  • A Microsoft PowerPoint presentation of the accounting package (five pages)
  • A PDF that contains all of the pertinent information about the accounting package (five pages)
  • Using QuickBooks for transactions, investments and fixed assets (video)
  • Using QuickBooks for closing reports and entries
  • Receiving payments using QuickBooks

Section 14

Section 14 delivers information about how to start a bookkeeping business. All of the information is delivered via eight pages of study materials.

Section 15

This section provides two bonus video lectures that you can use to get more information about using QuickBooks for bookkeeping. The information takes about 25 minutes to review.

These lectures include:

  • Introduction to using QuickBooks for memorized transactions
  • Conclusion for using QuickBooks for memorized transactions

How Much Does the Course Cost?

The full price of this course is $29.99. Sometimes the website offers discounts or coupon codes that you can use to save money on the total cost. After you pay the one-time fee, you get lifetime access to this course so that you can go back and review any of the material to refresh your memory about the concepts.

Once you pay the course fee, you can access it on your computer, tablet, cellphone or television. The fee also includes everything that you need to complete the course and the certificate of completion that you receive after successfully completing all of the units.

What Happens After Completing the Bookkeeping and QuickBooks Bundle Course?

Upon completion of this course, you are fully prepared to start working as a bookkeeper. You also have the skills necessary to perform all of the necessary duties using QuickBooks software.

QuickBooks is the most popular software that bookkeepers use. Having strong knowledge of it can help you once you hit the job market. You can use this software as a freelance bookkeeper or for the employer that you choose to work with.

Having the knowledge that you gain from this course ensures that you are ready for entry-level bookkeeping positions. You can choose to work in any industry since the overall bookkeeping principles are the same whether you work for a retail business or a hospital.

Since this course lays out all of the foundational elements that you need to know, you can also use it to learn the basics before advancing your education. This can ensure that you are better prepared for more complex financial topics at a college or university.


Now that you have the details about the Bookkeeping and QuickBooks Bundle, you should consider the information and determine if it provides the skills that you seek. Pay special attention to the courses and the information about them. This will help you to evaluate this course and figure out if completing it will give you the skills you need to be a confident bookkeeper.

The Bookkeeping and QuickBooks Bundle is essentially a two in one course, so you can use it as a beginner or to refresh your skills. Its versatility helps to ensure that you are ready for entry-level jobs or a promotion at a current job.