Certified Bookkeeper Training – Review Of The ED2GO Bookkeeping Course

certified bookkeeping courseIn today’s world, having a skill is imperative for living a comfortable life. With the cost of colleges and universities continuing to rise, many people are unable to pursue a degree. Many people also do not want to spend two to four years in school when they need to work toward job security and a better income faster.

Bookkeeping is a viable career path that you can get the required skills for in under a year. Certified bookkeeper training can be completed within months so that you can start a job that provides you with greater life and financial stability. The ed2go bookkeeping course is one of the options for a viable certified bookkeeping course.

Why Consider Pursuing a Bookkeeping Career?

Job openings in the bookkeeping field are expected to remain relatively solid throughout 2024. Every business needs someone with certified bookkeeper training to help them to manage the financial side of their business.

There is a lot of flexibility with this career. Once you complete a certified bookkeeping course, you are ready to hit the job market and you can approach it in several ways. The two most common options for new bookkeepers are to work as an employee for a company or to provide your services on a freelance basis. (The best course to learn how to make money in a bookkeeping business is Complete Bookkeeping and QuickBooks Training.)

You can also choose to work in the industries that interest you, or you have previous work experience in. For example, if you have experience working in manufacturing, you might work as a bookkeeper for a manufacturing company. Your manufacturing industry experience combined with your completion of this certified bookkeeping course can help you to stand out above other applicants.

What is the ed2go Certified Bookkeeper Training?

ed2go bookkeeping training

The ed2go bookkeeping course offers certified bookkeeper training. This certified bookkeeping course is for people who have some experience in bookkeeping who want to work toward their national certification.

To be eligible for the Certified Bookkeeper designation, you have to prove that you have worked as a bookkeeper for at least two years full-time and you have to pass the AIPB certification examination. You can also use 3,000 hours of part-time work as a bookkeeper for the experience requirement.

The ed2go bookkeeping course prepares you to take this examination. Once you complete the course, you can register to take the exam.

This certified bookkeeper training course can be pursued on Mac or PC.

You will also need the following software to complete the ed2go bookkeeping course:

  • The latest Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Safari browser
  • Microsoft Excel and Word
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader and Flash Player

Before you start the ed2go bookkeeping course, you have to download all of the required software. You should also have a personal email account that you have regular access to.

This certified bookkeeper training course is delivered fully online. It is self-paced so that you can progress at a speed that is comfortable for you. There are 140 total course hours. On average, it takes people about six months to finish this course. You can start the course at anytime due to open enrollment.

This certified bookkeeper training course will teach you the following:

  • Code of ethics and eligibility and maintenance requirements
  • Adjustment of entries
  • Applying accrual accounting concepts
  • Correcting and finding errors
  • Tax and book depreciation
  • Valuing inventory
  • Payroll basics
  • Using internal controls to prevent issues, such as embezzlement, theft and financial fraud

Who Created the ed2go Certified Bookkeeper Training?

It is important to know who is responsible for the materials associated with this course so that you can be sure that the certified bookkeeper training will be high in quality. The ed2go bookkeeping course uses instructors with extensive experience and knowledge.

The ed2go bookkeeping course was created by ed2go. They partner with different colleges and universities throughout the country for this course. There are two instructors who teach the course.

Wade Lindenberger has more than 20 years of experience in management and accounting in the private and public industries. In addition to this experience and his teaching duties, he also has worked as a consultant in the finance industry.

Before he started teaching this course, he served as the instructor for courses offered by the University of California at San Diego and Coopers and Lybrand, a “Big Four” CPA firm. Lindenberger is also an American Institute of Certified Bookkeepers’ Advisory Board member.

The other instructor for the ed2go bookkeeping course is Helene K. Liatsos. For over 25 years, she has worked as a consultant for travel agencies, small businesses and startup companies. She has her own business known as Home Office Management. In 2004, her company received the US Small Business Association’s Home-Based Business of the Year award.

Liatsos is also a bookkeeper and a Certified QuickBooks Advisor. She has a bachelor’s degree that she completed at Farleigh Dickinson University.

Exploring the Details of the ed2go Certified Bookkeeper Training

This certified bookkeeping training course provides in-depth training on bookkeeping principles and fundamentals. With this course, you get six workbooks that you have to use as you progress through the units.

There are seven units in the ed2go bookkeeping course. All of these provide you with the information that you will see on the national certification examination.

Unit One

The first ed2go bookkeeping course unit is focused on the program and the certification that you can pursue once you complete it. It starts by discussing the eligibility requirements to take the test so that you can make sure that you have everything that you need.

This unit explores the testing program. Once you finish this part, you will have a better idea about what to expect. Use this information to guide your studying so that you acquire all of the knowledge necessary to pass the examination.

There is a code of ethics that you must follow as part of obtaining and maintaining your bookkeeper certification. This section lays these out for you so that you know what they are and can ensure that you will adhere to them.

The last part of this unit shows you what is necessary to maintain your certification. It covers topics, such as continuing education credits. You will learn what these are, when to obtain them and where you can pursue them.

Unit Two

This unit is focused on deferrals, accruals and adjusted trial balance. There are six sections within this unit that covers these topics. The first part looks at why these are made so that you can understand their role in the bookkeeping process.

The second part looks at the expenses and revenues that are accruing. Once you get to the third part, it expands on this and helps you to develop advanced recognition of the revenues collected. In the fourth section, the expenses that occur after prepayment is covered.

The final sections of this unit explore other types of adjusted entries. You also learned about using the adjusted trial balance to unadjust it, and when this is a task that you will need to accomplish.

Unit Three

This ed2go bookkeeping course unit focuses on bank reconciliation and errors. Being able to spot errors quickly is a very important aspect of a bookkeeper’s job. When you can accomplish this, it can save your clients or employer time and money.

Here you will explore the errors that are common so that you know what they are. It also delves into the common methods that bookkeepers use to discover these errors so that they can make the necessary corrections.

The second part looks at bank reconciliation. You will learn how to perform this task so that you can be sure that you do it accurately. It also talks about what you should be looking for as you go through the process.

In the third part, you will work on the unadjusted trial balance. This part explores errors and what you need to do to find and correct them.

The final part of this unit looks at corrections. You will explore what is necessary to make corrections to any deferral errors and errors associated with current-period accrual.

Unit Four

Once you get to unit four of the ed2go bookkeeping course the focus is on payroll. The first part looks at the different types of employees that a company can have and what you need to do to pay them accurately. In the second part, you get detailed information about the laws associated with wages for hourly state and federal employees.

The third part goes deeper into federal law and how it plays a role in the paying of employees. In the fourth part, you will explore keeping accurate payroll records and records for employment.

Part five starts with the W4 form. You learn about what it is, how it should be filled out and its role in payroll. The sixth part expands on this and provides you with information about depositing and withholding federal taxes. You will move onto part seven where you learn about reporting forms for federal employees and any important due dates associated with these forms.

In the eighth part, you learn about when the wages that a person earns becomes taxable. Part nine focuses on other reporting rules that were not covered in the other parts of this unit. The final part is part 10. Here you get the details about journal and payroll register entries.

Unit Five

Depreciation is the focus of this unit. This unit starts with explaining the difference between tax and book depreciation. It also covers GAAP and depreciation under this.

In the third part, you will learn about allocation and computing depreciation. It explores what these concepts are and how you will use them to your advantage once you start your bookkeeping career.

The fourth part is focused on the rules regarding federal tax. This part shows you the depreciation rules and how they apply. In the final part, you will get more information about how depreciation relates to vehicles.

Unit Six

This ed2go bookkeeping course unit teaches you more about inventory. There are seven parts in this unit. It starts with teaching you the different general concepts associated with inventory for those who are performing the related bookkeeping duties.

The second and third units teach you about the periodic and perpetual methods. After completing these two parts, you will move on to learning more about the methods for moving average and weighted average.

Parts five and six explore the FIFO and LIFO methods that you will use as a bookkeeper who has inventory duties. The final part teaches you about the market LCM rule.

Unit Seven

This is the final unit of the ed2go bookkeeping course. It is comprehensive providing information about fraud depreciation and internal controls. The purpose of the information in this unit is to help you learn how to detect fraud, theft and embezzlement, and what to do if you do observe it.

You will get information about detecting these issues with vendors, customers and employees. This unit will also provide you with different prevention methods that you can use.

What is the Cost of the ed2go Certified Bookkeeper Training?

This certified bookkeeper training course costs $1,995. When you enroll, you will input some basic information and then make your payment. Once you pay, you have full access to the program, and they provide you with all of the relevant study materials that you need to complete the units.

Federal financial aid cannot be used for the ed2go bookkeeping course. However, since this website partners with different schools, you may be able to take advantage of any financing options that the individual schools offer their students. In some cases, workforce development and vocational rehab boards will provide the financing for qualified students who want to take this ed2go bookkeeping course.

If you work as a bookkeeper right now, your employer may have tuition reimbursement options to help you to pay for this course. How this works depends on your employer and the type of program that they have to offer.

Which Career Benefits Can You Get by Completing the ed2go Bookkeeping Course?

This certified bookkeeper training course allows you to take the national certification examination. Once you have this certification, you have to maintain continuing education credits, so employers will know that you are always up to date on the latest information in the industry.

The following are other benefits of getting your certification:

  • Your skills are proficient and advanced regarding accounting, financial and statistical records
  • Employers in multiple industries prefer bookkeepers who have their certification
  • The certification body provides a membership with this certification that you can use for further training and information sharing
  • Having this certification makes it easier to pursue further education in the future


With this information, it is easy to see why the ed2go bookkeeping course is a good choice for certified bookkeeper training. This certified bookkeeping course includes all of the resources and materials that you need to acquire strong bookkeeper skills and knowledge.

This certified bookkeeper training course is easy to follow. It is set up in a way that allows you to build your knowledge as you move onto each unit. Once you complete the ed2go bookkeeping course, you are ready to start looking for entry-level bookkeeper jobs so that you can start your career.